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Mandashi Doubles Down on Innovative Cell Preservation Start-Up: Atelerix

Mandashi is pleased to announce a follow-on investment in Newcastle-based start-up, Atelerix. Atelerix have developed and patented a groundbreaking hydrogel solution that will revolutionise how scientists store and transport cells and tissues.

This innovative technology allows for the safe storage of biomaterial at room temperature, preserving cells/tissues in a stable hibernation-like state for up to 21 days. In comparison to traditional cryopreservation methods, Atelerix’s encapsulation solution protects cells from the highly destructive freeze-thaw process, greatly limiting cell/tissue damage and vastly improving cell viability.

Since Mandashi’s initial investment in December 2022, Atelerix have made rapid progress having signed a commercial agreement with a major livestock breeding company, along with the publication of several proof-of-concept studies.

Dr Andy Evans, Director of Mandashi, said "We are pleased to be making a second investment based on the very positive progress that Atelerix has been making both technically and commercially."

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