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About us

Why we do it

Investing in innovative and impact-driven startups has many benefits:

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  • Provides high quality employment and growth opportunities in emerging technology sectors

  • Solves real world problems, such as improving healthcare, reducing environmental impact and improves business processes

  • Promotes equality and diversity

  • Invests in the next generation of investors

  • Our communities also benefit from local businesses that bring positive change

Our values

Our world has many challenges. Innovation can help solve them.

  • Make smart investments for long term growth

  • Invest in innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurialism

  • Make a positive difference to our community and enable a more sustainable world

  • Behave ethically and with integrity by treating everyone with fairness and respect

  • Share knowledge and expertise and be inspirational

  • Behave with professionalism and friendliness to achieve excellence and trust

  • Develop positive working relationships and networks

  • Enjoy the journey!

Our Team

Mandashi was created by Dr Andy Evans and Sheila Gupta, founders of Xactium limited - a successful cloud software company which was acquired in 2020.

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