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Our Investments

Mandashi's investments are carefully selected to make a positive difference to the world and our local community.

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Sheffield based FourJaw offers a machine agnostic data analytics platform that's accessible, affordable, and uses Industry 4 tech to deliver productivity improvements with tangible benefits to a manufacturers' bottom line.



Rarecan believes that people with rare cancer have the right to live better, longer lives. They make this happen by bringing people together to create opportunities to accelerate research.

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RavenApps Grids is a user interface enhancement for Salesforce which combines data from multiple objects into one editable, spreadsheet-style work place, improving productivity and accelerating Salesforce adoption.



Newcastle based Atelerix provides an innovative solution for storing and transporting cells and tissues at room temperature. 

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Sheffield based Ferrio are a business process automation services company, developing a product that empowers users to build and manage more complex automations and integrations.

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Gitlife Biotech

GitLife Biotech are combining realms of biotech and software to permit users to safeguard the intellectual property of a biological asset and trace its lineage.

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Hero of health

Prevention is better than the cure. Based in Sheffield, Hero of Health is a healthy ageing platform, founded by Doctors who are reversing chronic health conditions in the community.



Superbio is a machine learning platform designed specifically for bioinformatics, enabling scientists and researchers to quickly develop and share deep analysis of their data.



Wild Hydrogen's innovative and proprietary technology takes wet, unprocessed biomass and converts it under pressure into Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

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