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Mandashi Fund supports AutismADHD to provide help to Ukrainian Families

The Mandashi Fund is pleased to announce a grant made to AutismADHD to enable it to develop and deliver Autism and ADHD resources to families from Ukraine who have been displaced or who have decided to stay. The information will include details of useful contacts, doctors, schools, organisations, etc, who can provide specialistic support and services for people with neuro-diversity. It will also include links to trauma support, social scripts and other useful information for support workers in Ukraine. Future work will look to expand these resources to families from many other areas of conflict in the world.

Dr Andy Evans, Director at Mandashi, said "what has been happening in Ukraine is a shocking experience for normal adults and children. However, for those with Autism and ADHD it will be even more traumatic. We are therefore pleased to help AutismADHD in its goal to provide support and advice to Ukrainian families with neuro-diverse family members".

About AutismADHD

AutismADHD provides support, information, and training to all those living and working with autism and/or ADHD both pre and post diagnostically. This includes meetups, youth programs, a membership site, trainings both face to face virtually, research, speaking at local, national, and international events and support sessions to all age groups.

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