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Mandashi incubates next-gen business solution startup: AppMesters

Mandashi is pleased to be making an early stage investment in AppMesters, a Sheffield-based cloud apps business. AppMesters' vision is to improve and automate business processes by developing a suite of quality cloud applications that save time and improve productivity.

Their first app, Report Connector, which is currently in beta testing, enables data and charts in Salesforce to be easily embedded within Google docs, thus significantly reducing the effort required to produce executive reports from Salesforce data.

The name "AppMesters" comes from the "Little Mesters" of Sheffield, who were world renowned as artisans and skilled craftspeople. They built tools from steel, AppMesters' builds tools from the cloud!

The startup will also benefit from Dr Andy Evans, director of Mandashi, being one of its directors.

Dr Andy Evans said, “we’re really excited to be investing in our own software startup - AppMesters. Building simple tools that solve common business problems is a very rewarding experience, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the business develops and the areas of products it will produce.”

Dr Danny Evans, “CEO of AppMesters, said, “We set up AppMesters with the vision of improving business efficiency. Our first app, Report Connector, achieves this by automating the often painful and time consuming task of producing management reports from Salesforce data” Our next-generation reporting tool has shown great potential in the global market, with a fast growing user-base that already extends across four continents.

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