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Mandashi Invests in Biomaterial Storage Innovation Business: Atelerix


The current gold standard method of biomaterial storage is cryopreservation, which damages or destroys a large proportion of biological samples during the process of freeze-thawing. Atelerix, a Newcastle based business, has patented and productised a hydrogel solution which stably preserves cells in a state of hibernation, allowing them to be safely stored for extended periods of time at hypothermic temperature.


Dr Andy Evans, Director of Mandashi, said “This is a unique and needed solution that could have great potential in numerous areas including scientific research, biosupply, drug development and treatments. We are really pleased to be one of Atelerix’s early investors on what we believe will be an exciting and successful journey.”


Debra Leeves, Executive Chair, Atelerix Ltd, said “We are delighted to be supported by Mandashi at this exciting time in the company’s development. Atelerix sees considerable opportunity for its hydrogel technology to be used by life science companies and bio-supply organisations across the world, whether this be for stabilising cell based starting material (e.g., leukapheresis) or final drug products (e.g., immune cell therapies).’’

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