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Mandashi invests in new learning and training centre for students with intellectual difficulties

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, based in South West Sheffield, is an educational trust which plays a vital role in supporting children and young people who experience complex difficulties, including medical and mental health conditions, learning needs and intellectual disabilities. Whirlow Farm’s learning programmes provide inspiring, nurturing and hands-on learning opportunities for their students and enable them to make the most of their potential.

The Mandashi Fund is delighted to invest in a local Trust who provide such a valuable and inclusive facility to Sheffield’s young people. The generous grant is specifically investing in the redevelopment of the old Cafe “Cruck Barn” into becoming a learning and training centre.

The new space will enable students to learn and experience a wide range of catering and arts and craft activities. The refurbishment will include a fully re-equipped training kitchen with modern appliances and newly refurbished connecting rooms for arts & crafts and break out rooms, including the installation of disabled access routes. A dedicated member of staff will also be recruited to run the space.

Sheila Gupta, Director of Mandashi, said “we’re really pleased to be helping Whirlow Hall Farm Trust to provide a new educational facility to its students, which will enable them to develop new skills and provide the opportunity to learn and grow their confidence while contributing to the success of the wide trust”.

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