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Our request to businesses: 1K or More for Ukraine

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The war in Ukraine is hugely damaging to both the people of Ukraine, but also is a fundamental threat to democracy both in Ukraine and the wider world. It is our belief that we must do everything we can to help the Ukrainian people defeat this attack on their country's very existence and to support them in their hour of need.

Businesses have the power to make a real difference to the world. Businesses have values, resources and connections which can be used for the greater good, and in the case of Ukraine, could make a significant difference to its people and the outcome of the war.

1K or more for Ukraine

We are asking our friends and colleagues whether they can:

  1. Make a donation of 1K or more to a charity which which help the people of Ukraine. The charity we have donated our 1K to is the Red Cross Ukrainian appeal, but there are many other options you could consider from the links below.

  2. Contact 3-5 CEO's/businesses you have a good relationship with and ask them if they too can make a donation and also pass this request on to their connections.

We understand that there are many people asking for many things right now, but truly believe that businesses have the power to collectively change the world for the better.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Andy Evans

Director Mandashi

Links to some charitable organisations who are supporting Ukraine

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