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Mandashi Co-founds TieTek AI: Leading the Charge in Generative AI Innovation

Mandashi is excited to announce the launch of TieTek AI, a pioneering initiative co-founded in partnership with highly motivated and experienced entrepreneurs Grant Ripley, and Craig Malcolm of Building on their achievements with, a distinguished development firm based in Sheffield, TieTek AI marks a significant leap into the advanced domain of generative AI.

TieTek AI introduces a unified platform equipped with AI-powered solutions that leverage cutting-edge generative AI technologies. These solutions are designed to transform business operations and offerings by providing custom-configured AI Assistants that automate mundane tasks, boost productivity, and offer a competitive business advantage.

The idea for TieTek AI was born from a shared enthusiasm for the transformative capabilities of large language models, such as ChatGPT. Recognising the opportunity to revolutionise industry workflows, TieTek AI is on a mission to inspire businesses to innovate with generative AI, to enhance efficiency, accelerate growth and unlock new revenue opportunities.

The leadership at TieTek AI comprises individuals with diverse skills and extensive experience. Andy Evans from Mandashi chairs the venture, providing strategic direction and expertise. Danny Evans, also of Mandashi, assumes the role of Chief Commercial Officer, leading business development and commercial strategies. Meanwhile, Craig Malcolm, as Chief Technical Officer, directs technological innovation and product development, and Grant Ripley, as CEO, guides the company with a visionary approach.

Since launching in January, TieTek AI has reached significant milestones. Within just four months, the company has made rapid progress with its advanced AI suite and welcomed its first clients in the legal and biotech sectors. These early adopters are set to reap the benefits of AI tools that streamline legal document creation and enhance conversion rates in biotech.

As TieTek AI continues to expand and enhance its offerings, the potential for the company to shape the UK's generative AI landscape is vast. TieTek AI is dedicated to exploring the limits of AI's capabilities and is enthusiastic about leading the charge in this transformative industry.

For inquiries on how TieTek AI can assist your company in innovating and implementing powerful new AI solutions, please reach out at

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