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Mandashi Invests in Doctor Led Healthtech: Hero of Health

Mandashi is pleased to announce investment in Hero of Health, an award-winning healthtech startup revolutionising the approach to healthy ageing and chronic disease prevention and reversal. Hero of Health unites community-driven initiatives, personalised coaching, and evidence-based interventions to empower individuals in managing their health, ensuring a fulfilling life in harmony with their community.

The startup stands out by integrating personalised coaching with practical solutions for healthy ageing and robust community support. Its comprehensive suite of tools—encompassing lifestyle coaching, nutritious meal plans, exercise programs, an educational library, and community events—simplifies the journey towards optimal health, making it highly accessible. 

Hero of Health's smart B2B2C model is designed for GPs, presenting a sustainable solution that conserves time and resources for healthcare providers while offering patients free, preventative health interventions. Emphasising nutritious eating, regular physical activity, and holistic wellness, the service is medically guided and community-backed.

Dr Danny Evans, Investment Manager at Mandashi said: “This investment underscores Mandashi's commitment to supporting innovative solutions that drive positive change and improve lives. We believe that Hero of Health has the potential to make a significant impact on the local and global healthcare landscape by making personalised healthcare more proactive, accessible and engaging.”

As Hero of Health gears up for further expansion, their innovative approach is set to redefine the health and wellness industry, proving that preventative medicine is not just a vision for the future, but a reality today. Mandashi is proud to support Hero of Health in this transformative journey, making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities locally and globally.

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